APP Adopt A Bike Video v2

Marty Maberry
about 1 year agoMarch 25, 2017
This community give back event was amazing! I'm proud to be a part of a company/family who gives back! #SHCAPPFAMILY
about 1 year agoMarch 28, 2017
Best community engagement we have done in AP
Aly Jones
about 1 year agoApril 2, 2017
Great event, great video. Loved seeing all those happy faces!
about 1 year agoApril 3, 2017
Pretty Awesome!
Jeff Goss
about 1 year agoApril 4, 2017
This should be done in every state, this is an Awesome! project.
Kimberly Stenzel
about 1 year agoApril 7, 2017
It was an amazing day!  I have never been involved in such a wonderful gift from a company.  The look on the children and their parents faces was heart warming
Captoria Cyrus
about 1 year agoApril 10, 2017
Awesome way to engage the community!
Lucio Amicci
about 1 year agoApril 11, 2017
Absolutely a heart warming event.  To see those smiles on those children's faces was priceless.
Almond Dennis
about 1 year agoApril 23, 2017
Seeing the faces of the kids and their families made it all the more rewarding. Very proud to have been a part of this event representing SHC APP
Lorenzo Bermudez
about 1 year agoApril 26, 2017
Great to be a part of a great event for a good cause. Priceless to see the so many happy children!
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